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Follow me at PMA Fresh Summit in Atlanta!

PMA Fresh Summit

Hey guys! This is a BIG weekend for me! I’m embarking on my first solo trip EVER (I know) to attend PMA Fresh Summit in Atlanta, GA. Before I get into Fresh Summit, let’s talk about me for a minute, because hello, it’s me.

Solo trip. Have you ever traveled alone? I know hundreds of thousands of people do it every day so it’s really nothing special. However, I’m a first timer. I’ve always traveled with Adam or with my family so this is kind of a big deal for me. It’s also my first time away from my girls for an extended period of time, hello all the emotions.

I’d also like to mention that I’m kind of an introvert, I like to stay inside my comfort zone and just, zone. However, I feel like it’s a necessary thing to be able to be independent and embark on my own adventures. Being a stay at home mom, I’ve lost some of that independence, that sense of self. SO, not only is this a big, awesome event that I get to attend, but it’s also a little Sharon party. Yay me, I can do this.PMA Fresh Summit

Now lets talk about PMA (Produce Marketing Association) Fresh Summit because you’re probably wondering what the fork that is. Fresh Summit is a big, huge, enormous expo with all the fresh produce, packaging, and shipping information you could ever want. It’s the ultimate farm to table experience. I’ll be meeting the growers, the shippers, the packers, the retailers and all of the people in between. This is really an exciting experience, and yes, I can finally say exciting as my anxiety dissipates.

I’ll be joining a great group of bloggers with KitchenPlay as a member of #TeamFreshSummit. We’re also being sponsored by Sun-Maid/Valley Fig, Outrageously Fresh!, and HBF International (Hursts Berry).

Make sure you’re following me on Instagram and Twitter to follow along with me this weekend, I’ll be using #TeamFreshSummit for all my updates!

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