Gluten-Free, Diary-Free Pumpkin Pie Recipe

This is a classic recipe for a gluten free pumpkin pie.

I adjust the spices a bit to suit my tastes. I like a little less ginger and I like to add a little nutmeg.

How To Make Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Pumpkin Pie? Easy! Follow the directions in my gluten free pie crust recipe to make the crust dairy free.

How do I prevent cracks from forming in my pie?

There’s one major thing you can do to prevent cracks from forming in your gluten free pumpkin pie. Don’t over bake it!

When your pie is done, the edges will be set, the crust will be browned, and the middle 2 inches will still be slightly jiggly.

Do I have to adjust for high altitude baking? Custard based pies like pumpkin pie may need to be baked longer if you’re at a high elevation.

How do you bake a pumpkin pie with a smooth top?

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