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Homemade Maple Pudding Recipe

Maple Pudding is an easy homemade pudding recipe made with pure maple syrup. This simple recipe is a great no-bake dessert or make-ahead option for holiday desserts.

Today’s recipe is Maple Pudding and it’s made with pure maple syrup for one of the most delectable maple desserts

While it seems like a simple dessert, it still satisfies that sweet tooth! It’s incredibly easy to make, it’s a no-bake recipe, and it’s *mostly* naturally sweetened aside from a couple tablespoons of brown sugar.

Homemade Maple Pudding Recipe 


Add the maple syrup, half & half, eggs, brown sugar, cornstarch, and salt to a medium saucepan. Whisk all of the ingredients together until completely combined.


Heat over medium-low heat and whisk (almost continuously) until the custard is thick like a pudding.

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