Sourdough Starter Gluten Free

How to Make

Learn how to make sourdough starter with gluten free flour. Includes tips for an easy to follow gluten free sourdough starter recipe and process.

Gluten-Free Flour – I currently have 4 starters and all of them are made with different flour.

My first one is made with Bob’s Red Mill 1:1 Gluten Free Baking Flour and it’s a great starter for me.

I also have starters made with Sorghum Flour, Brown Rice Flour, and my Nightshade Free Gluten-Free Flour Blend.

Equipment Needed to Make Sourdough StarterGlass Jars –  I use mason jars and these Weck Jars. They’re the perfect size, there’s plenty of room for the starter to breath

How to Make Sourdough  Starter Add 25 grams gluten-free flour and 25 grams of filtered water to a glass jar. Mix well to combine.



Follow the daily feeding schedule below.

Schedule for Feeding Sourdough Starter  Add 25 grams flour and 25 grams water to your glass jar. Mix well and scrape down the sides the best you can.

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