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Feeding Sourdough Starter for Maintenance

Learn how to feed and maintain a Sourdough Starter, the easy way. Maintaining your gluten free sourdough starter can seem daunting or scary, but using these tips makes learning to properly feed it feel easy breezy.

So here we are, with a gluten free molten chocolate lava cake recipe in hand! We are READY for Valentine’s Day my friends! Or ready for dessert at the very least

These luscious lava cakes are best served hot with vanilla ice cream or with whipped cream but they’d be equally sensational with some white chocolate ganache whipped cream on top too.

Feeding Sourdough Starter for Maintenance


Gluten-Free Flour Water

Remove the starter from the fridge. There may be some liquid on the top. This is called “hooch” and is the byproduct of fermented yeast-  which is completely normal.



Discard or set aside all but 25 grams of it. Add in 75 grams of gluten free flour and 75 grams of bottled water. Stir well to combine and cover.

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