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Easy Gluten Free Brooklyn Blackout Cake

Gluten Free Brooklyn Blackout Cake is made with layers of chocolate cake, filled with chocolate pudding, and finished with silky smooth chocolate frosting and chocolate cake crumbs.

Blackout Cake, also known as Brooklyn Blackout Cake, is a moist chocolate cake with a chocolate pudding filling, frosted with chocolate icing, and garnished with chocolate cake crumbs.

The original Brooklyn Blackout cake is from Ebinger’s Baking Company in Brooklyn, New York. Unfortunately, it isn’t a cake you can buy because the bakery closed in 1972.

Easy Gluten Free Brooklyn Blackout Cake Story

Make the chocolate pudding. Then chill the pudding for 2 hours or overnight to set up and thicken.



Bake the cake and cool completely. Once cool, the cakes can be wrapped in plastic wrap and frozen, if desired.

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