Delicious Fudgy Brownies 


Super fudgy gluten free brownies are easy to make.  They are thick, chewy and have the perfect chocolate flavor!

YOU GUYS. THESE BROWNIES. I seriously can’t help the all caps right there because these fudgy gluten free brownies are THAT amazing.

Key Ingredients for this one bowl Gluten Free Brownie Recipe

– Gluten Free Flour  – Cocoa Powder – I use Dutch Processed Cocoa Powder – COLD Eggs – for vegan brownies, use an egg replacer and the dairy free butter sub listed below. – Cornstarch – Granulated sugar – Butter – use vegan butter for gluten free dairy free brownies

Which type of baking pan is best for GF brownies?

I prefer to use a 9×9 Square Baking Pan.  You can still use a glass baking pan, but I have found the brownies come out slightly crispier.

Ideas for fun mix-ins

My kids (and husband!) enjoy adding some fun mix ins such as: – M&Ms – Reeses Pieces – Marshmallows

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