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Non-Alcoholic Rosemary Citrus Spritzers

These simple non-alcoholic Rosemary Citrus Spritzers are a refreshingly crisp drink. They’re light, bubbly, and flavorful.

Sometimes you just need a cool, refreshing drink and these non-alcoholic Rosemary Citrus Spritzers fit the bill perfectly!

Sparkling water, rosemary simple syrup, and fresh citrus juice poured over ice will cool you off on a hot summer day or add a little brightness on a dreary fall/winter evening.

Non-Alcoholic Rosemary Citrus Spritzers Story


Shake the citrus juice and rosemary simple syrup over the ice in a cocktail shaker.


Pour the mixture into a cocktail tumbler or other 8-ounce glass. Pour the sparkling water over the juice mixture until the glass is filled as desired.

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