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Strawberry Peach Spritzers

Today I’ve partnered with Barefoot Refresh to bring you this recipe for Strawberry Peach Spritzers. 

Fresh strawberries, tree-ripe peaches and Barefoot Refresh are  the perfect refreshing mix to help you hang on to those last few days of summer.

Barefoot Refresh comes in five amazingly refreshing blends: Crisp Red Spritzer, Crisp White Spritzer, Sweet White Spritzer, Summer Red Spritzer and Perfectly Pink Spritzer and retail for about $7/bottle. At that price, you can afford to try them all!

Strawberry Peach Spritzers Recipe Story


Divide the peaches and strawberries evenly between two wine glasses.


Add half a cup of ice to each glass and top with 1 cup of the Summer Red Spritzer each.

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