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Strawberry Peach Spritzers from What The Fork Food Blog | @WhatTheForkBlog |

Are all your recipes gluten-free?

Yes! Unless otherwise specified in a recipe, all recipes are gluten-free. Just remember, when following a gluten-free diet make sure you check your labels to insure you are using gluten-free ingredients and to avoid cross contamination by making sure your products were not produced in a facility that also processes wheat.

How often do you post recipes?

I post new recipes one to two times a week. I try very hard to post on Monday and Thursday. Anything more than that is a bonus!

Can you convert your measurements into grams for those who don’t uses cups/measuring spoons?

I do not own a kitchen scale to measure my ingredients by weight. There are great conversion charts available online, such as this one from All Recipes and this great gluten-free flour conversion chart from Real Food Made Easy. Sorry for the inconvenience!