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The Best Recipes for Gluten Free Halloween Treats

These Gluten Free Halloween Treats are perfect for a Halloween party. Spook-tacular desserts are decorated like monsters, spiders, ghosts, mummies, and more!

collage image of 9 gluten free Halloween Treats with text for Pinterest

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Gluten Free Halloween Treats

You’ll have the tastiest and spookiest dessert table around with these fantastic gluten free Halloween desserts.

Allergy-friendly treats are so important to have on hand for inclusive Halloween parties for children and adults with food allergies.

These fun treats and gluten-free desserts are easy to make with simple decorations and are perfect for those with dietary restrictions for a gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. 

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Equipment Needed

Most of these Halloween recipes call for standard baking pans and kitchen tools.

Some other specialty equipment you may need are Halloween molds, cake pop sticks, gluten free Halloween Sprinkles, and candy eyes.

For cookie and cake decorating, you may need Halloween Cookie Cutters, gel food coloring, piping bags, and piping tips.

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melted orange and green candy melts to dip Monster Halloween Rice Krispie Treats in

Tips for Working with Candy Melts

Candy melts and white chocolate can be a little tricky to work with. Sometimes it doesn’t melt correctly and will be clumpy.

Adding vegetable oil can help smooth it out for a better dipping consistency. I start by adding a teaspoon of oil and stir it in. Continue to add a teaspoon at a time until your melted candy reaches the right consistency.

As you can see in the photo above, the orange candy melts need a little oil to make a smoother consistency, and the green is ready to dip.

Just be aware that you want to add as little as possible so it doesn’t become too oily.

Gluten Free Halloween Cupcakes

gluten free ghost cupcakes are made with chocolate cupcakes topped with white buttercream frosting and mini chocolate chips for eyes

Ghost Cupcakes

These cupcakes are so easy to make with gluten free chocolate cupcakesvanilla buttercream frosting, and mini chocolate chips.

Gluten-Free Halloween Cookies

Gluten Free Mummy Cookies are a fun treat for Halloween parties. Made with gluten free and dairy free sugar cookies and an easy royal icing for decorating. Recipe from @whattheforkblog |

Mummy Sugar Cookies 

This recipe can be used to make any cutout gluten-free Halloween sugar cookies. Make the dough as directed and use any halloween cookie cutters you’d like.

Gluten Free Spider Cookies stacked on crumpled white parchment paper with a bottle of milk in the background

Spider Cookies

These spooky spider cookies are made with gluten free peanut butter blossom cookies but are topped with a peanut butter cup instead of a Hershey’s Kiss. Melted chocolate is used to make the spider legs and they’re finished with homemade candy eyes.

Mummy Macarons with Maple Cinnamon Filling on a black plate over a black and white napkin

Mummy Macarons

​These Mummy Macarons are made with basic French Macarons and filled with a delicious maple cinnamon filling. They’re spooky sweet and so much fun for a party!

Gluten Free Candy Corn Pinwheel Cookies on a black wire platter lined with wax paper

Candy Corn Pinwheel Cookies

Slice and bake gluten free sugar cookies that taste just like the Pillsbury Ready To Bake Sugar Cookies (with the fun holiday imprints) are fun festive treats. There’s no actual candy corn in the recipe.

Instead, the sugar cookie dough is colored to look like candy corn to help you get into the Halloween spirit!

chocolate gluten free cookies decorated with Halloween sprinkles and candy eyes on a small white square plate

Hocus Pocus Spooky Cookies

Don’t let these cookies put a spell on you! They’re inspired by Sanderson Sister’s spell book – it’s all just a bunch of Hocus Pocus.

No Bake Halloween Desserts

Monster Halloween Rice Krispie Treats dipped in orange and green candy melts and decorated with different sized candy eyes

Monster Rice Krispie Treats

Classic gluten free rice krispies treats are dipped in colored white chocolate and decorated to look like little monsters. These sweet treats are scary good and easy to make!

Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispies Treats are the perfect fall flavored no-bake treat. They've got that pumpkin spice flavor you love without having to turn on the oven. They're really easy to make too! Recipe from @whattheforkblog | | easy gluten free desserts | no-bake dessert recipes | homemade rice krispies treats | pumpkin spice recipes | fall recipes | easy dessert recipes | flavors for Rice Krispies Treats | homemade dessert recipes | updated classics

Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispies Treats

Rice Krispie Treats are made with gluten free crispy rice cereal and flavored with pumpkin spice. They’re perfect for fall and the Halloween season.

Sweet and Salty Pumpkin Marshmallow Pops are perfect for Halloween or Thanksgiving. Made with just 3 ingredients! Recipe from @whattheforkblog |

Pumpkin Marshmallow Pops

These pumpkin marshmallow pops are another simple no-bake dessert recipe. They’re made with marshmallows, gluten free pretzel sticks, and dipped in green and orange candy melts to look like pumpkins.

​It’s the perfect balance of sweet and salty!

candy corn jello cups are made with layers of lemon and orange jello. They're topped with whipped cream, Halloween sprinkles, and a candy corn.

Candy Corn Jello Cups

Jello cups are always a fun treat to eat! This candy corn version is made with layers of lemon jello and orange jello and are topped with whipped cream. 

panna cotta  eyes plated on small silver plates on top of skeleton hands

Panna Cotta Eyeballs

Panna Cotta Eyeballs are one of the creepiest dessert recipes on this list. You’ll love these gross eyes if you’re going for a gory Halloween theme.

Halloween Popcorn Balls decorated with candy eyes and creepy teeth on a white plate with two skeleton hands reaching for them.

Halloween Popcorn Balls

Chocolate Popcorn Balls are decorated for Halloween 4 different ways: Monsters, Ghosts, Spiders, and with Halloween sprinkles.

A granny smith apple with a dipping stick dipped in white chocolate and splattered with red edible blood.

Blood Splatter Halloween Apples

Granny Smith Apples are dipped in white chocolate and splattered with edible “blood”. They’re creepy and beautiful and you’re sure to be in for a frightfully good time making these!

Halloween Chocolate Covered Oreos are decorated to look like green monsters, mummies, bats, and purple monsters and are arranged on a white plate.

Halloween Chocolate Covered Oreos

Chocolate Covered Oreos are decorated to look like bats, mummies, and monsters. They taste just as delicious as they look!

Be sure to use gluten free Oreos.

this zombie brain dessert is made with coconut panna cotta and swirls of strawberry jam in a brain mold. It's plated on decorative greens with gray gummy worms and spiders.

Zombie Brain Dessert

This Zombie Brain is made with a freaky-fun brain mold and decorated with homemade gummy worms and spiders. If you’re into creepier Halloween desserts, this is the one for you!

Halloween Cakes and Pies

a baked and frosted gluten free black velvet cake recipe on top of a white marble cake stand with a wood base. It's been frosted with black buttercream and has 3 slices cut but not served.

Black Velvet Cake with Black Buttercream Frosting

A deep, rich Black Velvet Cake is a naturally colored gluten free chocolate cake. It’s frosted with black frosting and makes a great blank canvas for edible Halloween decorations.

Gluten Free Mummy Hand Pies on a white parchment paper lined quarter sheet pan on top of a white surface. There's a black spider decoration and more hand pies surrounding the baking pan

Mummy Hand Pies

These Mummy Hand Pies are made with gluten free pie crust and filled with strawberry jam. They’re so cute but not too cute to eat and have the perfect amount of spook factor!

Halloween Brownies and Bars

Gluten Free Mummy Brownies decorated for Halloween on crinkled wax paper

Mummy Brownies

Mummy Brownies are an easy Halloween dessert. They’re made with the best gluten free brownies and decorated with melted white chocolate.

Frosted Sugar Cookie Bars with Halloween Sprinkles cut and placed on a white rectangular platter

Halloween Sugar Cookie Bars

Sweet and simple gluten free sugar cookie bars are decorated with orange buttercream and topped with gluten free Halloween Sprinkles. They’re super easy gluten-free Halloween treats to make!

gluten free bat brownies decorated with candy eyes and gluten free Oreo cookies on brown parchment paper on top of a brown wood cutting board

Bat Brownies

These gluten free bat brownies are made with my favorite gluten free brownie mix and use gluten free Oreos to decorate. They’re one of the easiest gluten-free Halloween desserts to make!

Frankenstein Cheesecake Bars lined up on a gray surface - they're decorated with black sesame paste and candy eyes

Frankenstein Match Cheesecake Bars

Made with a no-bake cheesecake filling and a chocolate crust, this is the perfect make-ahead dessert. These creepy cheesecake bars are naturally colored and made without artificial colors!

overhead shot of gluten free pumpkin brownies cut and arranged on a white surface with Halloween sprinkles

Pumpkin Brownies

Fudge Pumpkin Brownies are made with pumpkin puree. Their flourless brownies are made with simple ingredients and flavored with pumpkin pie spice for some healthy Halloween snacks. 

Well, healthy-ish when compared to Halloween candy!

Halloween Cake Pops

Halloween Cake Pops decorated like pumpkins and ghosts in a silver pail with artificial leaves in the background

Ghost Cake Pops

These little ghosts are perfect for young kids who love cake pops. There are instructions to decorate them like pumpkins too! 

The base for these are gluten free chocolate cake pops but you could make vanilla cake pops too!

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  1. Kathy says:

    I made some of these goodies for our church bake sale at our town’s Pumpkinfest. I made mummy cupcakes and the Spooky ghost cupcakes and they went fast! I had them marked as gluten free but people purchased them despite. If I had more time I would have made more treats. I would have loved to made the monster kripsie treats. I can’t wait until Christmas to see what you have in store as I makeup Christmas goodies bags for all my family members.